Fountain Valley Physical Medicine in Fountain Valley, California, provides patients with state-of-the-art chiropractic care that includes massage therapy, physical therapy, regenerative medicine, as well as treatments for lower back, neck, sciatica, and joint pain.

The team at Fountain Valley Physical Medicine uses the Chiropractic BioPhysics® Technique, which emphasizes optimal posture and spinal alignment while improving pain relief and offering the best functional-based outcome for your condition. Treatments involve the latest and most advanced technology that includes disc decompression, radio pulse wave, rapid pulse wave, and laser therapy.

At Fountain Valley Physical Medicine, the practice is known for its in-depth, thorough exams, using devices like X-ray biomechanical spinal analysis, electromyographic exam, and nerve conduction velocity, allowing patients to receive a specific diagnosis and a comprehensive, individualized treatment plan.

The physicians at Fountain Valley Physical Medicine use numerous methods, which give patients ways to reduce and eliminate disabling pain disorders. This is one of the many reasons Fountain Valley Physical Medicine is a standout practice.

Fountain Valley Physical Medicine believes in helping patients live a better life. To experience the benefits of treatments offered to achieve total health and wellness, call or book an appointment online today.


Instructors for Chiropractic Biophysics