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At Fountain Valley Physical Medicine, we provide patients with state-of-the-art integrative health care. Our services include Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, Regenerative Medicine, Massage Therapy and more. We treat patients with a wide range of acute and chronic conditions including low-back and neck pain, sciatica and joint pain.

We are proud to be known for our in-depth and thorough examinations, using modern devices including X-ray biomechanical spinal analysis, comprehensive digital range-of-motion and posture analysis. This allows us to arrive at a specific diagnosis for our patients. Which in turn helps us to create a course of care that is specialized for treating their condition.

Fountain Valley Physical Medicine believes in providing our patients with a higher quality of care. We strive to deliver the best treatment possible to improve your health and wellness, call or book an appointment online today.

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We offer morning, afternoon and evening appointments, as well as same day appointments when you are in pain. Our office is also available for emergency care and we have easy access for handicapped patients.

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Our goal is for you to leave our office with a memorable and enjoyable experience, which is why our welcoming and compassionate staff will do everything they can to make you feel right at home.

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